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Aires Mateus - Architecture Faculty In Tournai

Aires Mateus - Architecture Faculty In Tournai
Autor: Mateus, Aires
Titel: Aires Mateus - Architecture Faculty In Tournai
Erscheinungsjahr: 2017

Verlag/Ort: Amag, 2017
Seiten: 80  
ISBN/Art.: 978-84-697-4357-7

35,80 EUR


This monograph details the Architecture Faculty in Tournai, Belgium, recently completed by Portuguese architects Manuel and Francisco Aires Mateus. The project occupies the interior of a historical city block where buildings from different identities and periods coexist. The new, elongated building has been positioned in such a way as to bond together each of these structures and define new external spaces. The architecture connects two streets, integrating it into the urban fabric in an improved way. According to the essay by Marc Dubois, "The project is a new spine, a type of implant needed to re-function the site". Includes short texts plus drawings and models by Aires Mateus. languages: Portuguese, English