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Textildesign, Mode

Tattoo Design Book 02: Gold

Richly illustrated throughout with photographs, drawings and other reproductions, this tattoo design guide focuses specifically on works using various interpretations of Oriental mythological dragons. Tattoo works are examined alongside images of respective beasts. A sub-section offers a brief survey of other dragon designs from the rest of the world.

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32,00 EUR

Tattoo Design Book 04


Japanese text! Illustrated throughout with photographs, drawings and other reproductions, this tattoo design guide focuses on trees, flowers, fruits and herbs. Designs based on each species are dedicated one or more pages and are clearly reproduced in full colour. A list at the back gives the contact details of the studios that have created the designs.

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28,80 EUR

Amelia's Compendium of Fashion Illustration

This book brings together the best fashion illustration form the web-site Amelia’s Magazine. It offers inspiration to aspiring fashion designers, illustrators, art directors and anyone who is interested in ethical design. It features interviews on the design practice of 30 fashion illustrators alongside nearly 50 interviews with and profiles of independent fashion designers.

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32,80 EUR

Show / Off Magazine #2 - Discovering the Fashion Department

Antwerp 2009

With roughly fifteen students graduating each year from a demanding programme taught by some of Belgium’s top fashion designers, it is hardly surprising that the output of the Antwerp Fashion Academy is closely followed around the world. Show/Off #2 presents a generous, high-quality blend of inspiring fashion, reviews, drawings and interviews, while highlighting the designs from students that have followed the course. Along with a review of the graduate student pieces and accessories, Walther van Beirendonck and Dirk van Saene weigh in with their personal selection of best student designs, and interviews are held with Ann Demeulemeester, Geert Bruloot, Hirofumi Kurino, Suzy Menkes and Peter Philips.

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16,80 EUR

Tim van Steenbergen - act (e)

Ludion 2010

Young but highly accomplished, Tim van Steenbergen is the latest success story from one of Europe's most vibrant fashion towns. After studying at Antwerp Fashion Academy he became assistant to Olivier Theyskens, before holding his first solo show in Paris in 2002. Van Steenbergen's original use of media and striking aesthetic have helped his work transcend the fashion field; he has been exhibited at the Louvre and Venice Biennale, amongst others. His meteoric career and multidisciplinary talents are assessed and celebrated by Belgian fashion journalist Veerle Windels.

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52,00 EUR

Workwear 1

This issue from the World Mook series is focusing solely on workwear: army jackets, overalls, gloves, boots for various professions, flight jackets, clothes for sailing, farmers jackets, jeans in all the various forms from the very early days of the 19th century showing its sturdiness and durability. It also shows its contemporary offspring by companies like Helly Hansen, Alpha Industries, Studio Zero, Orslow, Nigel Cabourn and clearly proves that these designs are extremely influential for contemporary fashion designers. Although all text in this issue is in Japanese the visual information it gives to fashionistas is stupendous.

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28,80 EUR

Show / Off Magazine #1 - Uncovering the Fashion Department


Some 40 nationalities participate in the courses of the Fashion Department at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Antwerp, under the watchful leadership of Walter van Beirendonck. This magazine reflects the wide and exciting array of fashion that is created by such a diverse collection of participants. Full-page, colour photographs document recent fashion collections produced by the masters programme, alongside highlights from projects, workshops and bachelor level classes.

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38,00 EUR

Show / Off Magazine #3 - Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Antwerp

Antwerp 2010

Show/Off is a magazine about the Fashion Department, Royal Academy of Fine Arts - Artesis Hogeschool Antwerpen. It features highlights from the Fashion Department: the end of year collections of the Master students, works by the Bachelor Year students, information about various projects and workshops. With contributions by Kris van Assche, Koji Arai, Li Edelkoort, French Connection and many more.

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16,80 EUR

Saville Row


Here is the definitive story of Savile Row, the internationally renowned epicentre of gentlemen's style. Introduced by Tom Ford, it is a rich visual history of the tailors, the personalities, the clothes and the street synonymous with elegance, sophistication and timeless attitudes. Including rare archival material and previously unpublished images, alongside specially commissioned photography and fashion shoots, this lavish celebration brings together Savile Row's highlights and low-lifes, the dramas and private tales, the suits and their accoutrements, the fabrics and the cuts, the history and the future, as never before.

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68,00 EUR

Refusing Fashion - Rei Kawakubo


Das Buch hat leichte Lagerspuren am Einband. One of the most elusive fashion designers in the world, Rei Kawakubo of Japan, is known for remaking the forms of clothes. Her sweaters full of holes, jackets with only one sleeve and dresses that are part dress and part pants are unique, yet always wearable. She says she wants to "design clothes that have never yet existed." Her innovative fashion, unique methods of fabrication and collaborations with artists working in many different fields including the great modern choreographer Merce Cunningham, will be explored in a unique installation of her work at MOCAD. The exhibition will include over 40 key garments, costumes from and film of the Cunningham performance, photographs, runway footage and ephemera. The exhibition ReFUSING FASHION: REI KAWAKUBO aims to present a view of Kawakubo's work as a series of interventions and dis-ruptions in the arena of style and fashion: whether her work is thought of as anti-fashion in the world of fashion, or of ugliness and clumsiness in a system classically devoted to good taste, Kawakubo's work is a constant process of renewal of vocabulary and thinking.

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58,00 EUR

Back Piece Tattoo

The long tradition of Japanese full-back tattoos is continued in this substantial collection of images which invariably demonstrate elaborate artistry and skill. Illustrated throughout with photographs of tattoos, each work is clearly presented with room to accommodate full body designs and allows for particular themes to be fully examined. Back tattoo designs are divided into different sections which cover themes such as: mysterious snakes, beauty is fear, dragons, colour variations, gods and hero’s.

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38,00 EUR

Alexander Van Slobbe: And... And... And...

Hardcover, english text. Alongside Viktor & Rolf, Van Slobbe (SO by Alexander van Slobbe, orson+bodil) is seen as one of the most versatile, successful and talented Dutch fashion designers of this day. His personal passion is the product itself, informed by an ongoing quest for new creations, innovative materials and the use of different means of production, including traditional methods. This monograph pushes the boundary for the classic representation of an oeuvre by exploring Van Slobbe’s work in a meaningful context through the inclusion of essays and several new photographic reportages, all of which are presented in a special book that has been designed by Mevis & Van Deursen.

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49,90 EUR

Fashionize 2

Happy Books, 2007

Wunderschöner Bildband mit unvergleichlichen Entwürfen und Ausfertigungen von talentierten Designern aus der ganzen Welt - Catalina Estrada, Sophie Toulouse, Kako Ueda, Hanna Werning und viele andere. Die zahlreichen gestochen scharfen Farbabbildungen decken nahezu den gesamten Bereich moderner Modeillustration ab.

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19,90 EUR

Veronique Branquinho - Moi, Veronique Branquhino TouTe Nue

The transition from teenage girl to women is an important theme in Branquinho's designs, an aspect which is reflected in the sources of inspiration she chooses ? David Hamilton's romantic photography, ambiguous characters like Laura Palmer from David Lynch's Twin Peaks, or Emmanuelle, from the erotic film with the same name. The fashion designer's collections produced since 1997 are collected together and presented here, accompanied by unique photographic material, and essays from a number of different contributors.

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48,00 EUR

Tattoo Gallery

Fujimi, Tokio 2005

600 motifs from dragon to portrait. New.

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Mode Foto Mode

Heidelberg, 1992

Antiquarischer Titel, innen sehr guter Zustand, Schutzumschlag mit Lagerspuren und leicht eingerissen auf 4 cm

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34,00 EUR