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Else Issue 7

Else Issue 7
Titel: Else Issue 7
Erscheinungsjahr: 2014

Verlag/Ort: Musee De L'elysee, 2014
Seiten: 94  
ISBN/Art.: 14348

13,80 EUR


In its quest to uncover new ways to consider photography, this issue highlights the new territories and approaches of the field, as well as what the photograph itself can convey as a cultural object. The works included vary wildly, from self-portraits as Mao and Rorschach landscapes, to found slides of amateur nudes from the 1950s and staged cross-sections of Indian society. With contributions by Tommaso Bonaventura, Henryk Mierzecki, Olivier Culmann, Jens Klein, Martina Kubelk, Simon Rimaz and Jean-Marie Donat, among others. Languages: English, French