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Progress & Prosperity

Progress & Prosperity
Autor: Roggeveen, Daan
Titel: Progress & Prosperity
Untertitel: The Chinese City As Global Urban Model
Erscheinungsjahr: 2017

Verlag/Ort: Nai010 Publishers, 2017
Seiten: 292  
ISBN/Art.: 978-94-6208-350-9

38,00 EUR


This publication focusses on the shift from building for construction’s sake to that of building for progress. After decades of extraordinary development and urbanization, Chinese cities have arrived at a stage of ‘New Normal’. Urban development is now shifting from quantity-driven to quality-driven, with art and culture as a tasty topping for countless developments. The book examines the future of (Chinese) cities as a ‘testimony from the battleground’, and how their current metamorphosis can impact cities worldwide - especially in the Global South.