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Rafael Rozendaal - Everything Always Everywhere

Rafael Rozendaal - Everything Always Everywhere
Titel: Rafael Rozendaal - Everything Always Everywhere
Verlag/Ort: 2017
ISBN/Art.: 978-94-92095-30-5

28,00 EUR


'Everything, Always Everywhere' is a book made in close collaboration with the artist Rafaël Rozendaal. Rozendaal's body of work is much broader than his well-known websites, and spans across different media; from the digital to physical and the textual. All these manifestations have one thing in common: they stem from a fascination with moving images and interactivity in its most basic form. The digital is the starting point for all Rozendaal’s work, even his physical work stems from a digital way of thinking. This book reflects on the change that his work has undergone in recent years; looking at both his own evolution as an artist, and the technological progress that has influenced digital art in general.