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Rene Groebli - New York 1978

Rene Groebli - New York 1978
Titel: Rene Groebli - New York 1978
Verlag/Ort: 2017
Seiten: 64  
ISBN/Art.: 978-3-906822-11-2

52,00 EUR


Swiss photographer René Groebli arrived in New York in the autumn of 1978, unencumbered by the usual tight schedules and stress dictated by contract work. But the city was in the midst of a crisis at the time, unsettled and restless, marked by decay, neglect, and brutalisation. Many of the pictures he made during his wanderings give the impression of being devoured by the metropolis, dystopian impressions of looming skyscrapers and deep black shadows that weigh heavily on the mind. “This is the New York as René Groebli must have felt it in his guts,” writes Daniel Blochwitz in his introduction. “He shows us how he felt being there. Rejected.”