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Rene Groebli - Rail Magic

Rene Groebli - Rail Magic
Titel: Rene Groebli - Rail Magic
Verlag/Ort: 2017
Seiten: 128  
ISBN/Art.: 978-3-906822-10-5

54,00 EUR


This collection of 74 photographs was produced by Swiss photographer René Groebli and is a remarkable example of early subjective photography. First published as a series of fifteen images in 1949 – a personal project that was met with dismissive criticism at the time – he returned in the 1990s to his early fascination with French steam locomotives and the romanticism of travel by rail. The resulting book is a dynamic visual document featuring pictures of his first train journey between Paris and Zürich, taken using either a Leica III F with a single lens or with a twin-lens Rolleiflex. Groebli’s working style is clearly inspired by his experience with moving images and his love of cinema.