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Rrripp!! Paper Fashion

Rrripp!! Paper Fashion
Titel: Rrripp!! Paper Fashion
Verlag/Ort: 2016
Seiten: 372  
ISBN/Art.: 978-960-89637-1-9

36,80 EUR


Like the eponymous exhibition, this book begins with 1960s throwaway paper dresses, and launches into an examination of new ways to approach the invention and use of textiles and non-woven materials. It juxtaposes modern creations with paper garments from various cultures, analysing the history of paper and paper-like materials in relation to fashion, art, and design through creators like Anna Piaggi, John Galliano, Hussein Chalayan, Issey Miyake, Andy Warhol, Jackie Nickerson, Robert Wilson, Kosuke Tsumura, and many more. Essays by specialists address the various aspects of this humble material, and inside is a CD of ‘Paperdelic’ (2006) by Yannis Kyriakides.