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Terry Richardson Issue A8

Terry Richardson Issue A8
Titel: Terry Richardson Issue A8
Verlag/Ort: 2015
Seiten: 160  
ISBN/Art.: 11077

58,00 EUR


Strip clubs, surgical enhancements, blackness, pornography, servitude, erotic art, and related topics flesh out this instalment of the magazine, the “America issue”. With an exclusive interview and photo shoot with Blac Chyna as its centrepiece, it explores the often intermingled issues of sex, gender, money, and racism in America. Among the offerings are mid-century fetish art by Gene Bilbrew, erotic comic book illustrations by Gaetano Liberatore, Nick Waplington’s snapshots inside Atlanta strip clubs, Mark Flood’s outrageous Facebook take on Houston, Bob Mizer’s athletic model guild, emotive artworks by Kara Walker, collages by Jeanette Hayes, and much more.