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The Future of Fashion is now

The Future of Fashion is now
Titel: The Future of Fashion is now

Verlag/Ort: 2014
Seiten: 196  
ISBN/Art.: 978-90-6918-281-0

26,80 EUR


A garment that responds to emotions, lace patterns that grow from a plant, textile that decomposes itself and fashion that literally zips people together... With a critical look at today’s fashion industry, more than fifty young designers and a number of illustrious innovators such as Viktor&Rolf and Comme des Garçons give us their vision of the fashion of tomorrow. The development of new technologies and a grasp of the importance of sustainability are what is driving young designers worldwide and causing them to expand the borders of the traditional fashion system. With their innovative solutions and fresh designs, this latest generation of fashion designers has arrived at the interface between fashion and art.