Alec Soth - I Know How Furiously Your Heart Is Beating

Art.Nr.: 978-1-912339-31-0

ISBN/Art.: 978-1-912339-31-0

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Coincides with four solo exhibitions in New York, San Francisco, Minneapolis, and Berlin.

Taking its name from a line in the Wallace Stevens’ poem “The Gray Room,” Alec Soth’s latest book is a lyrical exploration of the limitations of photographic representation. While these large-format color photographs are made all over the world, they aren’t about any particular place or population. By a process of intimate and often extended engagement, Soth’s portraits and images of his subject’s surroundings involve an enquiry into the extent to which a photographic likeness can depict more than the outer surface of an individual, and perhaps even plumb the depths of something unknowable about both the sitter and the photographer.