Flores & Prats (Archives 1)

Art.Nr.: 9788412162509

Autor: Archives - Journal of Architecture

Weitere Angaben: 3. Edition with new content

Erscheinungsjahr: 2020

Bindung: Softcover

ISBN/Art.: 978-84-12-16250-9

EUR 28,00


The first issue of this new magazine is dedicated to the work of Flores & Prats, and includes works such as Yutes Warehouse (2005), House in a suitcase (1997), Providencia House (2008), Building 111 (2011), Mills Museum (2002), Casal Balaguer Cultural Centre (2016), Sala Beckett Theatre and Drama Centre (2016), and The Morning Chapel and Liquid Light in Venice (2018). With an interview by Carlos Quintáns to Ricardo Flores and Eva Prats, and a conversation with Artist Antoni Miralda.