Palinda Kannangara (El Croquis 212)

Art.Nr.: 9788412333152

Autor: El Croquis International Architecture Magazine

Erscheinungsjahr: 2022

Sprache: English, Spanish

Bindung: Softcover

Seiten: 0

ISBN/Art.: 978-84-123331-5-2

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The award-winning Sri Lankan architectural firm led by Palinda Kannangara is known for an experiential architecture that hinges on simplicity and connection with the natural environment. Its work has been recognised for a personalised approach, contextual sensitivity, experimental material use, and a minimalism reflective of the Sri Lankan ethos. Started in 2005, Kannangara’s practice often works on small-scale projects which connect with the region, climate, and landscape using locally available materials and technology. This issue features twelve works, including several houses, a wellness retreat, holiday bungalows, an artist’s retreat, and staff quarters for a wind power plant.