Tadao Ando - Row House in Sumiyoshi Osaka (Residential Masterpieces 31)

Art.Nr.: 9784871405645

Autor: GA Global Architecture

Erscheinungsjahr: 2021

ISBN/Art.: 978-4-87140-564-5

38,80 €


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 The three works selected for this volume on Tadao Ando are not recent in chronological terms. However, the quality of being novel is one of the least appropriate ways to approach the Japanese architect’s work, which is wholly disassociated from this. The three houses – in Osaka, Ashiya (Hyogo), and Tokyo – can be described as symbolic junctures in Ando’s exploration of residential design, with clear differences in their respective scales, plans, and contexts, but with an identical radical approach through which the building’s form reacts to these conditions and transforms them into its intrinsic qualities. Includes an extensive text and magnificent photographs by Yukio Futagawa.