Structured to Capture Light (A+U 514)

Art.Nr.: 4910019730736

Autor: A+U Architecture and Urbanism

Erscheinungsjahr: 2013

ISBN/Art.: 4910019730736

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Taking the ways in which architects explore the essence of natural light as its theme, this issue delves into all manner of structures built to embrace or produce various qualities of light, plus spatial experiences they entail, from the structural expressions of modern technology to buildings that respond to local and natural surroundings. Opening with the introductory essay from the 2013 MoMA exhibit, ‘Henry Labrouste: Structure Brought to Light’, it goes on to scrutinise ten works, including Warsaw’s Museum of Modern Art by Christian Kerez, Mpaungubwe Interpretation Centre by Peter Rich, Lanternen by Atelier Oslo and AWP, and the Aldar Central Market by Foster and Partners.