Dutch Type (Reprint 2018)

Art.Nr.: 9783982003702

Autor: Jan Middendorp

Verlag/Ort: 2018

Seiten: 320

ISBN/Art.: 978-3-9820037-0-2

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In ‘Dutch Type’, Jan Middendorp presents a comprehensive overview of type design and lettering in the Netherlands, tracing its origins through type designers and lettering artists from the 15th to the 20th centuries. Partly based on interviews, the book also offers insight into the motives and methods of the first generations of digital type designers, featuring published and unpublished typefaces as well as sketches, studies, and samples of lettering work. While the quest for quality and innovation has remained constant, it makes clear that the advent of desktop type has opened up the discipline to a more spontaneous, inventive, and democratic approach.