Eduardo Souto de Moura (Archives 4)

Art.Nr.: 978-84-947678-5-2

Autor: Archives - Journal of Architecture

ISBN/Art.: 978-84-947678-5-2

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Although Portuguese architect Souto de Moura started small, focusing at the outset of his own practice in the 1980s on residential houses and renovations, today he is one of the world’s most acclaimed architects. Upon gaining wider recognition in 2000, his projects started to vary considerably in both scale and expression. Despite the diversity of his work, which broadly entails bold reinterpretations of local styles, his buildings distinguish themselves by clearly communicating the way in which they are developed as structures, rather than images or concepts. The fourth issue of ‘Archives’ features nine of Souto de Moura’s most recent projects while paying tribute to his masterful approach.