Else Issue 6

Art.Nr.: p40101

Erscheinungsjahr: 2014

Verlag/Ort: Elysee, 2014

Seiten: 96

ISBN/Art.: 13657

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Aspiring to break away from standard perceptions of photography and the concept of vernacular, deactivating and re-contextualising images while advocating their assertion as cultural objects, ‘ELSE’ gathers work by contemporary visual artists. Some engage image archives in order to rework their marginalised, documentary status into a focus of sustained attention today, such as the juxtaposed dualities by Peter Piller, while others transform methods and approaches, reactivating their function or meaning, like Natan Dvir’s blown-up advertising. With contributions by Johanna Diehl, JJ Levine, Aurélien Froment, Nicolas Descottes, Sebastian Schmieg and others. Languages: French/English