Nordic Now!

Art.Nr.: p40103

Untertitel: Special Issue Of Filter, Objektiv And Photo Raw 2013

Erscheinungsjahr: 2013

Verlag/Ort: Aelto,2013

Seiten: 264

ISBN/Art.: 978-952-292-005-8

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The outcome of a seminar on contemporary Nordic photography during the Copenhagen Photo Festival 2012, this special issue documents the continuing dialogue between the editors of the photo magazines ‘Filter’ (Denmark), ‘Photo Raw’ (Finland) and ‘Objektive’ (Norway), compiling a core of interest and insights regarding the current state of photography in the Nordic lands. What are its tendencies, which conditions govern its production, and, more importantly, is there such a thing as Nordic expression? Included are an array of artist portfolios and texts, plus interviews with such notables in the scene as Timothy Persons, Nils Vik and María Karen Sigurðardóttir.