The Eyes 2

Art.Nr.: p40486

Erscheinungsjahr: 2014

Verlag/Ort: Aman Iman Publishing, 2014

Seiten: 184

ISBN/Art.: 979-10-92727-04-3

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This second instalment of the European photography magazine approaches the medium as an indispensable means of observing, understanding and remembering, striving to decipher Europe at its current moment of history. Special features on Sarajevo’s painful past and the rise of populism across Europe stand in sharp contrast to Carlotta Cardana’s portraits of Mod couples in London and Martin Atanasov’s grainy, black-and-white landscapes. Interviews with photo historian Clément Chéroux and photographer Guido Guidi offer additional perspectives, besides contributions by Martin Kollar, Marc Wendelski, Sam Stourdzé, Peggy Sue Amison, Pierre Kroll and more.