Slanted #38 - Colours

Art.Nr.: 11349

Autor: 0

Erscheinungsjahr: 2021

Bindung: Softcover

Seiten: 288

ISBN/Art.: 11349

EUR 18,00


In the spring of 2021, Slanted Publishers launched a global call for submissions and showcases of color. From more than 1,300 submissions, the works of 300 designers, illustrators, photographers, writers, and artists from around the world were selected to be part of Slanted Magazine #38—Colours.

The issue celebrates happiness, joy of life, power, symbolism, and the meaning of color. We look for contrast, colorful typography, gradients, fun, chaos, shock. We celebrate art, illustration, fashion, photography—but most of all we look for strong, meaningful graphic design though in a colorful way.