Dressing the Soul - Ageless beauty

Art.Nr.: 978-90-810059-3-7

Autor: Brigitta de Vos

ISBN/Art.: 978-90-810059-3-7

69,90 €


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We are programmed by today’s society to reject ageing and decay. Living in the digital age, it seems like we are on a mission to miss nothing. Birgitta de Vos is an artist, designer, photographer, and passionate traveller, and here she captures the beauty of ageing in broken, imperfect, weathered, and derelict objects. The book is about her love for things simply being things, and becomes an inspirational walk of wonder in which we encounter moments and materials touched by time. The humble, silent, and simple become pieces of art, with nature as the artist. Through thought-provoking photography, she encourages seeing mundane objects and ordinary places in a different light.