Bolles + Wilson - A Handful of Productive Paradigms

Art.Nr.: 9783000281419

Autor: Julia Bolles-Wilson, Peter Wilson

Weitere Angaben: English

Erscheinungsjahr: 2009

Verlag/Ort: Münster

Bindung: Gebundene Ausgabe/ Hardcover

Seiten: 296

ISBN/Art.: 978-3-00-028141-9

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This book chronicles projects and more than twenty-five recent buildings by the German-based office of BOLLES + WILSON. The accompanying theoretical and cultural discourse that underpins Julia Bolles-Wilson and Peter Wilson's international reputation has evolved in over three decades of research and practice. Their architecture is a symbiosis of the pragmatic and the conceptual, of the everyday and the exceptional, of the radically different scales of masterplans, building enhancing their contexts (immediate and cultural) and spatially choreographed interiors. These precisely detailed works, often spiked with narrative overlay, always mindful of comfort, cohere as oeuvre through their characteristic form language, wit and an inherent strategy of reshuffling organisational conventions.