Bolles + Wilson 1995-2001: The Scale of the Eurolandschaft (El Croquis 105)

Art.Nr.: 9770212568001

Autor: El Croquis International Architecture Magazine

Verlag/Ort: El Croquis, Madrid 2001

Bindung: PB

Seiten: 194

ISBN/Art.: 9770212568001

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After the completion of the New Luxor Theatre in Rotterdam in 2001, Croquis featured a ten-year retrospective of the work of the architectural team Bolles and Wilson. Includes an extensive interview with the pair, an essay by Mirko Zardini, the WLV Office Building in Münster, the Brink Shopping Centre in Hengelo NL, the Volksbank Borken headquarters in Germany and the K2 Building at Wester IJ-dok in Amsterdam as well as preliminary sketches and paintings.