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Basics Technisches Zeichnen

Birkhäuser, 2011

Basics Technisches Zeichnen beschäftigt sich mit der Darstellung von Planungen in allen Projektphasen. Der Schwerpunkt für Studenten liegt hier auf der Entwicklung und dem methodischen Aufbau einer technischen Zeichnung.

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Case Study of Remodeling

Damid, 2011

The term, "remodeling" is so important nowadays. There is a term RE- that we often use, prefix word for most of our projects. Very rarely we are starting from tabula rasa, conditions and context of every project are of most importance. Working with existing tissue for us is always inspirational and fruitful and most important for the initial concept. - 3LHD We prefer the idea of "remodeling". Take existing elements, mix them with others and let them evolve toward something new, unexpected. To get something new by mixing is a highly contemporary theme, not only in architecture, but also in the arts. - clavienrossier architectes Firstly because there is a possibility that the "remodelled space" could be better than a new building. Secondly because I feel guilty about breaking down available buildings and then building new buildings. - Keichi Hayashi Architect We live in a densely built environment and therefore "remodelings" are more frequent than entirely new buildings. And this today is even more important as it’s a great opportunity to build avoiding new soil consumption and moving towards a more sustainable architecture. I think remodelings are great opportunities to make good architecture and good urbanism. - Studioartec

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Mobile Architecture

Damdi, 2011

Although flexible modes of living draw on an age-old tradition and a wide variety of cultures, recent changes in living conditions and technical advances have greatly increased the relevance of flexibility. As working and private lives increasingly overlap, a mobile lifestyle becomes more important. Today, more than ever, people are seeking a way of living which is not tied to fixed patterns and predetermined locations. ‘Mobile Architecture’ contains examples of mobile structures by Bakoko, Andrew Kline, atelierBASE, Atelier OPA, 3GATTI, 2RAM, Böhltingk Architectuur, Kraaijvanger Urbis, Tectoniks, studio dass, Zo_Loft, zerOgroup, Vincent Callebaut Architecte and others. This is part 1 in the new Damdi Archive Series.

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Architectural Model lead to Design (2 Volume Set)

Damdi, 2010

Both as an instrument of communication as well as a means of design development there is no substitute for the physical model. It is no coincidence that architecture and model making share a rich history, so intrinsic to the design process it is impossible to imagine successfully understanding the essence of a design without the contribution of physical models. The most important models are those that lead to design conviction, those models that strengthen the design through their production and evaluation. by Ben van Verkel(UNStudio)

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Portfolio: So many men, so many minds - 107 Portfolio for Work & Presentation (5 Volumes)

Damdi 2010

Probably every designer knows the importance of a portfolio and its roles in design practice. If you are a student of architecture or design, you can make a portfolio for one project or for an entire course. As you collect them, they ultimately become your final graduation portfolio, and can be used for job or graduate school application. As long as you don’t change your major, it follows you forever. Even if you’re not specifically in any architectural or design office, portfolio is an absolute necessity to market the company’s works or products. Damdi’s new publication,?portfolio?, contains the portfolios and their stories of 107 designers from various fields. From students to designers, every one of them shows one’s unique color, not being limited to only architecture. You can get an answer to the question "How to make a portfolio?" through the works of 107 designers who try their best to be simple and yet breathtaking. **The concept of this book is ‘Several men, several minds.’ The main five colors used for case and cover design is Korea’s traditional color scheme ‘O-bang-saek’, meaning ‘colors of five different directions’. It reflects the variety of the designers and their character.

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Activity Diagrams


‘Activity Diagrams' are diagrams used by architects to examine activities occurring inside a given program with the aim of reorganizing the space and structure around these activities. Utilized earlier by Le Corbusier and the Situationists, these diagrams have taken on a new and complex form within dynamically evolving activities. The work of nine architectural practices are examined in this light and accompanied by extensive illustrations and documentation including: Actar Arquitectura, IaN+, Njiric+Njiric, UN Studio and Vincent Guallart.

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Folding Architecture

Amsterdam 2004

Folding is a relatively new trend in architecture. It is very playful way of designing, which offers free rein to spontaneity and surprise during the design process. The book Folding Architecture • spatial, structural and organizational diagrams gives insight into the possibilities together with results of the research the architectural faculty of the TU in Delft has conducted into this technique since 2001. The technique of folding in contemporary architecture is vividly illustrated with a survey of much-discussed concepts, projects and buildings in which this technique was applied. Compulsory for every architect wishing to design outside the mainstream. Sophia Vyzoviti is an architect and teaches design method at the architectural faculty of the TU in Delft.

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Thought Palaces

A&N, Amsterdam 1999

Softback, text: English. The book is in very good condition

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