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El Croquis

El Croquis ist nach wie vor eine der hochwertigsten Architekturpublikationen was Aktualität und Darstellungsweise angeht. Extrabuch gehört zu den preiswertesten Anbietern in Deutschland, normalerweise sind alle vom Verlag lieferbaren Titel ständig vorrätig.

El Croquis 118 - No.Mad/ Cero.9/ Ábalos & Herreros

Madrid 2004

No.mad is the architectural bureau run by Eduardo Arroyo, responsible for sports arenas in amongst other places Lasesarre, Azken Porto and Zaragoza. No.mad's plans for therapeutic housing and the already built National Tourist Lodge Alcal? de Henaresa are featured. Cero9, architects Cristina D?az Moreno and Efr?n Garc?a Grinda, have specialised in solutions - for housing, offices and industrial eyesores (7 of their projects are profiled). Abalos & Herreros, on the other hand, have focused on public architecture - a gymnastics pavilion in Elp, Usera's public library, Plaza Woermann and its Tower, and plans for a reclaimed land coast park in Barcelona. Copy not sealed.

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46,00 EUR

El Croquis 117 - Frank Gehry 1996-2003

Madrid 2003

Softback, NEW, text: English, Spanish

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39,90 EUR

El Croquis 78+93+108 - Steven Holl 1986-2003: In Search of a Poetry of Specificos/ Thought, Matter and Experience

Madrid 2003

Hardback, NEW, text in English and Spanish [Englischsprachiger Titel, Festeinband, verlagsneues Buch]

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89,80 EUR

El Croquis 96/97+106/107 - In Progress / En Proceso 1999-2002: Spanish Architecture 1999-2002

Madrid 2002

Combinded hardback reprint of the El Croquis issues In Progress 96/97 and In Progress II 106/107. 106/107 Spanish Architecture 2000-2001: This year’s annual summary of Spanish architectural projects completed in 2000-2001 includes the prize winning art museum in Castellón by Emilio Tun'ón and Luis Moreno Mansilla, and their design for the Centre for Contemporary Arts in Brescia, as well as swimming pools, plazas and museums by Federico Soriano and university extensions, gymnasiums and privates homes by In'aki Abalos and Juan Herreros. In all, 10 of Spain’s most significant practising architects are featured.

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105,00 EUR

Gigon / Guyer Architects 1989-2000: The variegated Minimal (El Croquis 102)

Madrid 2000

This book includes documentations of Kirchner Museum Davos, Winterthur Museum of Art Extension, Alterations to the Oskar Reinhart Collection, Museum Liner Appenzell, Vaduz Art Museum, Lucerne Museum of Transportation, Museum Albers-Honegger, Rüschlikon Training Center, Shopping and Office Building in Winterthur, Railway Switich Station, Sports Center Davos, Maintenance Workshop in Davos, Office and Services Building in Coesfeld, Roche Training Center, Residential Complex Broelberg I, Two Houses Zurich, Pflegiareal Residential and Office Complex, Three Apartment Buildings Susenbergstrasse, Rigihof Restaurant Pavilion, Kalkriese Archaeological Museum Park, Zurich University Auditorium and Ingolstadt Museum of Art and Design.

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59,90 EUR

Bolles + Wilson 1995-2001: The Scale of the Eurolandschaft (El Croquis 105)

El Croquis, Madrid 2001

After the completion of the New Luxor Theatre in Rotterdam in 2001, Croquis featured a ten-year retrospective of the work of the architectural team Bolles and Wilson. Includes an extensive interview with the pair, an essay by Mirko Zardini, the WLV Office Building in Münster, the Brink Shopping Centre in Hengelo NL, the Volksbank Borken headquarters in Germany and the K2 Building at Wester IJ-dok in Amsterdam as well as preliminary sketches and paintings.

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38,00 EUR

Jean Nouvel 1987-1998 (El Croquis 65/66)

El Croquis, Madrid 1999

Hardback reprint, third revised edition.

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58,00 EUR