Attitudes: MVRDV

Art.Nr.: 9789083286013

Autor: Hans Ibelings, Jan Knikker, Jacob van Rijs... (Ed.)

Erscheinungsjahr: 2023

Bindung: PB

Seiten: 344

ISBN/Art.: 978-90-832860-1-3

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Co-edited by MVRDV founding partner Jacob van Rijs and MVRDV partner Jan Knikker, this book presents twenty-five recently completed projects in Europe, North America, and Asia. Among them are several that show the potentials of reuse and transformation, such as 'High Profile', a lamp made from leftover metal profiles, or 'Seoullo 7017', the transformation of an elevated highway in Seoul into an urban park. Many of the projects also have a distinct public dimension, welcoming people in, around, and sometimes also on top of buildings, as in the case of the depot of Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen in Rotterdam, or the Idea Factory in Shenzhen. With essays by Tim Abrahams, Hans Ibelings, and Joann Plockova.