Food for Architects - Steib Gmür Geschwentner Kyburz, Exponents of Excellent Housing

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Weitere Angaben: English

Erscheinungsjahr: 2024

Verlag/Ort: Parks Books

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ISBN/Art.: 978-3-03860-360-3

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The lavish five-volume set of Food for Architects is dedicated to the buildings and cooking of the renowned Zurich-based firm Steib Gmür Geschwentner Kyburz Partners. As enthusiastic housing designers, they have been searching for both the perfect floor plan and the perfect spaghetti for three decades. Volume 1 of this first comprehensive monograph on the firm's work brings together brief personal texts on the various types of rooms in a house or apartment as well as other aspects of living. Volume 2 offers insights into the evolution and design methods of Steib Gmür Geschwentner Kyburz Partners, documenting as well 65 key buildings and projects from their portfolio. Volume 3 features floor plans of a total of 168 furnished apartments with concise comments, interspersed with recipes for 12 spaghetti dishes. In a photo essay, volume 4 introduces the inhabitants of 11 apartments from various realized buildings, who also speak about their homes in brief interviews. The dessert of this five-course menu is the concluding volume 5, featuring a conversation with the firm's four partners-Jakob Steib, Patrick Gmür, Michael Geschwentner, and Matthias Kyburz-as they discuss topics that are key to their architectural work.