Kengo Kuma

Art.Nr.: 9788412604498

Weitere Angaben: Spanish/English Edition

Erscheinungsjahr: 2023

Verlag/Ort: Avisa

Bindung: Gebundene Ausgabe/ Hardcover

Seiten: 368

ISBN/Art.: 978-84-126044-9-8

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According to editor Luis Fernández-Galiano, “The architecture of Kengo Kuma is an exemplary exercise in relinquishment. Though in his work material is particularly important, each and every one of the projects expresses a will to attain a bareness that we can only call spiritual”. This special monograph features a broad compendium of the Japanese architect’s output, highlighting no less than 50 completed works, plus ten minimal designs and ten ongoing projects. In addition, an essay by Kuma entitled “Earthquakes and Nature” reflects on the role of architects and contemporary society’s reverence for nature when faced with devastating earthquakes, such as in Japan in 2011.