Datapolis - Exploring the footprint of data on our planet and beyond

Art.Nr.: 9789462087194

Autor: Cournet, Paul; Bensi, Negar Sanaan

Verlag/Ort: Amsterdam 2023

Seiten: 256

ISBN/Art.: 978-94-6208-719-4

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Data has become a critical component in our lives. When was the last time you spent 24 hours offline? In a way we take for granted the idea that we are and will be connected. Yet, we hardly comprehend its mechanisms: connected objects, self-driving vehicles, satellites, global internet cable networks, data centres, and humanoid robots are the tangible evidence of a complex and connected world. 'Datapolis' contributes to a theoretical debate on data and its effects on space, architecture and environments including ecological, economic, political and societal dimensions. By means of academic papers, short essays, a historical timeline and a catalogue of gizmos, maps and diagrams, this book intends to be speculative on the ways in which architecture can get engaged with data, its infrastructural space and its scale.