Doing Good, Fazer Bem, Doing Well

Art.Nr.: 9789895390649

Autor: Susana Moreira Marques

Verlag/Ort: Madrid 2023

Seiten: 152

ISBN/Art.: 978-989-53-9064-9

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Learn the story behind the first project of Fazer Bem, a European Union-funded programme created by Terrafoundation in 2022 to promote female empowerment through educational processes stemming from the areas of design and craftsmanship. The publication weaves together the stories of eight women and examines the introduction of contemporary design and creativity as a vector for innovation. The project, which focuses on the use of natural and sustainable materials, stimulates the creation of products through the participants’ own identity and cultural values. With texts by journalist and author Susana Moreira Marques and photographs by Renate Graf.