Doma Issue 08: Label architecture, Mary Duggan Architects, RAUM, Dyvik Kahlen Architects, Interboro Partners

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Erscheinungsjahr: 2023

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In DOMa 08, Label architecture generate a new sports hall, ‘Love PT. II’, via the operations: copy, paste, mirror. Mary Duggan Architects explore issues of materiality in their project ‘For the love of Materials; A Pavilion made of gypsum, then stone & wood’. RAUM present ‘Alice Guy Public School’, with an introductory statement on their work. Dyvik Kahlen Architects narrate the ongoing process of their residential project ‘Klingelbeek’, as a series of different events in space and time. Interboro Partners install a temporary outdoor cooling centre, ‘The Refreshing Waters’, triggering interaction in the neighbourhood of the Bronx, NY.