Arnout De Cleene - Michiel De Cleene: Amidst the fire, I am not burnt Surface Reading

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Weitere Angaben: English, 24x31 cm

Erscheinungsjahr: 2024

Verlag/Ort: Roma Publications

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ISBN/Art.: 978-94-6446-052-0

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Amidst the fire, I am not burnt" is a documentary approach to the iconic landscape shaped by Vesuvius. It investigates the different temporalities, scientific and popular perceptions, historic and present-day photographic representations, and stories inscribed in this cyclical landscape. The book interweaves documentary writing and photography in a varied constellation of subjects and experiences, from derelict quarries, archaeological sites, and souvenirs, to a parking lot, bonfires, and lovers parked along the road at night. As each eruption of the volcano adds a layer on top of the last, Vesuvius continues to sense, store, destroy, shape, and transmit information.