Daido Moriyama - Record 48

Art.Nr.: 11368

Autor: Daido Moriyama

Seiten: 144

ISBN/Art.: 11368

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Yokosuka sits at the mouth of Tokyo Bay, and it was there that a 25-year-old Daido Moriyama decided to devote himself to his signature street snap style. He recently felt the urge to revisit the city, arriving there in the evening. But due to the ongoing pandemic, the normally crowded shops were all dark. The streets at night had turned into a bleak, dimly lit place, and the usually vibrant nightlife was absent. More than 50 years had passed since he first wandered with his camera through the streets of Yokosuka. This volume is the result of two days of shooting, with many references to the presence of the US military there, but also a reflection on the passage of time and its transformations.