The Alps - Hotels, Destinations, Culture

Art.Nr.: 9781580936392

Autor: Schöllgen, Sebastian

Weitere Angaben: English

Erscheinungsjahr: 2023

Verlag/Ort: Monacelli Press

Bindung: Gebundene Ausgabe/ Hardcover

Seiten: 272

ISBN/Art.: 978-1-58093-639-2

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An inspiring collection of luxury and privately-run boutique hotels and curated regional insider's guides in the definitive volume for year-round Alpine travel. ?This lavishly illustrated and engaging book is the authoritative guide to the most exclusive Alpine destinations in Europe. Notable hotel expert and 84 Rooms Founder, Sebastian Schöllgen, presents a uniquely curated selection of 84 luxury and family-run boutique hotels in the five Alpine countries (France, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Germany) in over 180 superb photographs with lively storytelling and practical information, too. Featured throughout are insider guides by the author and such tastemakers as hotelier Arnauld Zannier, who map out the most stylish and scenic places to shop, dine, stroll, and wind down after a long day on the slopes.