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The Aga Khan Historic Cities Programme

München 2011

...a springboard for social and economic development...

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59,00 EUR

Urban Prospects

Copenhagen 2011

The book contains 10 essays, which analyze towns and urban elements written with the author’s personal angle. All of them have significant meaning for the articulation of architecture. It is in English and illustrated with a large number of photos and drawings, all of them done by the author. The illustrations are all from the author’s studies in numerous European countries.

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39,90 EUR

Urban Asymmetries: Studies and Projects on Neoliberal Urbanization

Rotterdam 2011

'Urban Asymmetries' focuses on the contradictions of uneven urban development, and stresses the dire consequences of neoliberal urban policies which regard the city as 'a given' rather than an evolving socio-historic phenomenon. A substantial critique of the current urban condition is contrasted by discussion of necessary counter practices and possible alternatives to market-driven development. The book's contributors suggest that social betterment within cities is achievable with a wise use of the tools available to architect and planner, reinvigorating the notion of architecture as an idealistic and socially transformative power.

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Landscapology - Learning to Landscape the City


With a foreword by Charles Waldheim, chair of landscape architecture at Harvard, this book explores and promotes an inspirational new vision for the urban landscape. Essays and illustrations, and six case studies of urban landscaping problems and solutions, show why Van Beek and Vermaas propose a new discipline: Landscapology, where landscape architecture, urban planning and ecology are combined in a new profession, for a more sustainable world.

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38,00 EUR

Megacities - Exploring a sustainable Future

Rotterdam 2010

World cities are reaching previously inconceivable sizes and populations, and this escalation of urban quantities and scales has ignited a fascination for the phenomenon of megacities. For the last fifteen years, The Megacities Foundation has encouraged public debate on this development, uniting practitioners from the fields of architecture, economics, geography, sociology and urban planning. This book offers a compilation of the Foundation's best lectures, defining megacities and their processes and systems, and initiating an open-ended public discussion on the evolution, governance and design of these multifaceted, expanding urban territories.

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34,80 EUR

Urban Transformation


Tell me what is urban for you and I tell you who you are. As opposed to the colonial era of the 19th century, the term “urban” today no longer indexes a normative cultural concept – such as expressed, for instance, in the “European City” – but represents a cosmos of extremely varied notions determined by geographical, cultural, and individual preferences. If we want to get a grip on what is “urban” today, we have to capture it in all its disguises, gradations, and transformations occurring simultaneously on a global scale. Urban Transformation takes us on a global dérive through a carefully selected series of emerging urban conditions in five continents, seen through the eyes of more than 50 international architects, urban planners, politicians, and artists including Saskia Sassen, Robert Somol, Jean-Philippe Vassal, Eyal Weizman, Teddy Cruz, Keller Easterling, Rahul Mehrotra, Enrique Peñalosa. The book makes a pledge for a differentiated understanding of urban culture at the beginning of the 21st century, embracing cultural idiosyncracy while adhering to a universal ambition: to cultivate the city as the prime arena of human existence, not only because it is the place where since recently the majority of the global population is living, but also because the city is the only type of spatial organization able to accommodate an ever-increasing amount of people on earth in a sustainable way.

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38,00 EUR

New City Spaces

Copenhagen 2006

This book presents an overview of the developments in the use and planning of public spaces, and offers a detailed description of 9 cities and 39 selected public space projects from all parts of the World. During the past 25 years, urban space and city life has undergone significant changes. The aim of this book is to provide an overview of this development as well as a detailed presentation of architectonically interesting cities and urban projects from five continents. The book presents nine cities a.o.; Barcelona, Lyon, Strassbourg, Freiburg, Copenhagen, Portland in the USA, Melbourne in Australia and Curitiba and Cordova in South America. On top of that there are 39 selected urban projects from all over the world. Cities as well as urban projects are described with plans, overview maps and illustrations.

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49,90 EUR

Open City - Designing Coexistence (Architecture Biennale Rotterdam)


Accompanying the 4th International Architecture Biennial Rotterdam, which carries the same theme as the title of this publication, ‘Open City’ provides an in-depth study of the role that architecture and urban planning can play in enhancing the quality of life in a city. Designed by Mevis & van Deursen, the book features contributions from such names as; Kees Christiaanse, Marc Angelil, Bart Goldhoorn, Christian Salewski and Peter Sloterdijk. Divided in two parts, the first sees a collection of professionals drawn from different practices, charting the different dimensions of the Open City and the threats it faces. While in part two, designs for the Open City by architects, planners and activists that have actually been implemented are analysed and discussed.

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44,90 EUR

The Urban Connection - An actor-relational approach to urban planning


Softcover, english text, new book. Written by Luuk Boelens, ‘The Urban Connection’ develops a promising model for an actor-relational approach to urban planning. With respect to the usual governmental planning, the thesis is focused on an approach that is driven by an outside-in relationship with civil society and investors, instead of inside-out. Deriving its leitmotif from the actual debate about state controlled versus neo-liberal planning the writings also reflect on innovative post-structuralist scholars in the fields of planning, economics, social geography and governance. The publication then take its own position in this debate, reflecting on actor-orientated experiments in planning practices which deal with daily planning practice within a pro-active and operational attitude. Illustrated throughout by maps, plans and diagrams.

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42,00 EUR

The Public Chance - New Urban Landscapes

a+t ediciones, Vitoria-Gasteiz 2008

A thick volume packed with thirty urban projects, ‘The Public Chance’ forms in some respects a follow up to the earlier series ‘In Common’. This new collection focuses on additional designs for collective public spaces and in so doing offers a renewed vision of both new interventions and earlier presented and now completed projects. Works presented have been divided into four thematic sections, respectively: peripheral voids, waterfronts, industrial areas and infrastructure, and are generously illustrated with colour photographs, plans, elevations and technical details.

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78,00 EUR

Interactive Cities - Anomalie Digital Arts No 6.

In response to the increasing complexities of the physical metropolis, interactive cities are gradually being mapped out. The emergence of the Open Source movement and mobile telecommunications enable citizens to appropriate public space often in confrontation with market and government interests. 'Interactive Cities' examines the practices of urban planners and architects and the surrounding discourses that accompany the rapid growth of the digital domain.

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29,90 EUR

Metropolitan Networks


This book is a study of mass transit networks in urban areas and of their role in shaping the structure of the city. It establishes links between the history, planning and transport networks of eleven international cities (London, New York, Paris, Berlin, Tokyo, Los Angeles, Madrid, Barcelona, Milan, Mexico City and Singapore), in a survey which helps us bring to mind the origins of modern means of transport: of conventional railways and their subsequent conversion into metros and tramways, and into today's high-speed trains; of the appearance in the metropolitan context of the motor car and bus, and the arrival of motorways and contemporary airports. In short, the history and morphology of transport networks in our big cities, described through the detailed study and comparative analysis of developments in each of them, all of this with a wealth of images, maps and data of interest.

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Neue Urbanität - das Verschmelzen von Stadt und Landschaft

Zürich 2004

Die «Neue Urbanität» - das Verschmelzen von Stadt und Landschaft - ist ein sich seit den 1950er Jahren rasch und global verbreitendes Phänomen. Die Essays unterschiedlicher Disziplinen plädieren für eine offene, in die Zukunft gerichtete Diskussion und liefern theoretische Hintergründe zum Paradigmenwechsel in Städtebau und Planung.

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Noto - Idealstadt und Stadtraum im sizilianischen 18. Jahrhundert


Paul Hofer analysiert die im 18. Jahrhundert neu aufgebaute Stadt Noto anhand von Schrift- und Planquellen und mit zahlreichen Zeichnungen und beschreibt deren «Rhetorik und Dramaturgie».

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120,00 EUR

Das Bild der Stadt


Wie orientieren wir uns in einer Stadt? Woher rühren unsere ganz fest umrissenen visuellen Vorstellungen? Um diese Fragen beantworten zu können, studierte Kevin Lynch die Erfahrungen von Menschen und zeigt damit, wie man das Bild der Stadt wieder lebendiger und einprägsamer machen könnte.

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Der Städtebau nach seinen künstlerischen Grundsätzen

Basel 2002

Diese Arbeit, erstmals 1889 publiziert, veränderte die Stadtplanung in vielerlei Hinsicht. Sie war nicht nur ein Manifest, sondern gleichzeitig seit Albertis Schrift «De re aedificatoria» das erste Buch, das die künstlerischen Aspekte des Städtebaus systematisch darstellte.

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