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Thought by hand - The architecture of Flores Prats


First monograph documents the work of this stud y architecture in Barcelona. Collect your work in areas such as rehabilitation, social housing , public space , participation and collaboration with local artis ts, but also their research as teachers in various schools of architecture world wide . Written with Michael Adrian Manuel de Solà -Morales , Toni Casares and Mi ralda and a critical essay by Juan José Lahuerta .

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34,80 EUR

Emilio Ambasz - Emerging Nature

Lars Müller Publishers, 2017

Emerging Nature documents the work of the Argentinian architect, graphic designer and industrial designer Emilio Ambasz. The publication discusses his projects ranging from buildings and urban gardens including green facade vertical gardens to exhibition designs and everyday objects. The comprehensive volume features essays by various experts, interviews, a wealth of color photographs and drawings. Ambasz’s main concern is to integrate nature and construction into architectural design, which is why he is regarded as one of the most important pioneers of Green Architecture. In his work a combination of landscape and architecture emerges, in which his respect for the environment and ecological sustainability becomes clear. A prime example of this is the Fukuoka Prefectural International Hall in Japan: a building that houses more than 100,000 m2 of exhibition spaces, theaters and offices is also an open green area in the form of a hanging garden. The immense scope and diversity of Emilio Ambasz’ work is astounding. Besides architecture he has made a name for himself with the various objects he designs; they range from diesel engines and streetlights to portable TV players, fold-out watches and innovative office chairs. Emilio Ambasz followed his widespread interests and left traces in all the disciplines he crossed on his professional path.

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36,00 EUR

Dom Hans Van Der Laan - A House for the Mind


This manual is an introduction to Dom Hans van der Laan's design methodology, as he applied it to Roosenberg Abbey. Original drawings are combined with explanatory texts. Nine original letters from the architect to the Sisters are included in full length, as well as a series of photographs by Friederike von Rauch, offering an in-depth reading of this building on different levels.

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32,80 EUR

Armando Ronca - Architektur der Moderne in Südtirol 1935-1970


Der gebürtige Veroneser Armando Ronca (1901-1970) studierte Ingenieurwissenschaften in Genua, Turin sowie Padua und begann seine berufliche Laufbahn in Trient. Ab 1935 führte er sein eigenes Architekturbüro in Bozen und wurde damit zum führenden Vermittler der Moderne in Südtirol. Mit einem zweiten Büro war Ronca auch in Mailand aktiv, wo ihm Bauten etwa von Giuseppe Terragni oder Gio Ponti prägende Anregungen gaben. Bestimmende Themen seiner Arbeit sind die plastische Artikulation der Baukörper, die rhythmische Strukturierung der Fassaden und ein konstantes Bemühen um die stadtbildenden Potenziale der Architektur. Dieses Buch präsentiert erstmals umfassend rund 40 Bauwerke Armando Roncas in Meran und Bozen. Einzelne Gebäude wie beispielsweise das Meraner Eurotel werden eingehend analysiert und dokumentiert. Darüber hinaus zeigt die Monografie sämtliche noch erhaltene Gebäude Roncas in neuen Bildern des Wiener Architekturfotografen Werner Feiersinger.

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48,00 EUR

Go Hasegawa 2005-2017 (El Croquis 191)


Japan-based Go Hasegawa has found himself increasingly in the spotlight in recent years, a much sought-after younger architect who has built a career through his intensive inquiry on our perception of space, gravity, and time. He challenges pre-existing ideas on largeness/smallness, heaviness/lightness, and newness/oldness, seeking values not previously recognized. His work has explored several building types in addition to the houses for which he is known. This issue gives an in-depth look at Hasegawa’s practice, featuring apartments in Okachimachi, a gazebo in Shanghai, an iced coffee shop in Tokyo, a chapel in Guastalla, a townhouse in Asakusa, and other works.

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59,90 EUR

Pezo van Ellrichshausen - Geometric Abstractions (AV 199)


Between art and architecture, the work of Mauricio Pezo and Sofía von Ellrichshausen is a consistent mix of geometric, spatial, and structural experimentation, where each piece is conceived as a variation within a series. The introductory text by Fernando Pérez Oyarzun unveils the key aspects of the work of the Chilean architects and their particular way of understanding architecture, and is followed by a chronological journey through 32 works and projects developed since 2002, when they set up their studio in Concepción, 500 kilometers south of Santiago. This itinerary includes the bold prisms of their first houses – which brought them world renown – as well as their latest projects.

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36,80 EUR