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Usha Doshi - Creating With Shapes

Produced by Usha Doshi, a member of COS design studio since 2007, this book explores the possibility of creating garments using seven basic shapes – square, rectangle, triangle, diamond, circle, oval, and octagon. According to Doshi, the conception of the method and techniques happened accidentally, as she observed her granddaughters experimenting with fabric cut-outs. She joined in, and soon discovered that these shapes could be used to form intricate folds, drapes, and pleats, without using excessive fabric or complex darts and seams. With clearly drawn diagrams and beautiful photography, the book is intended to inspire creativity across all disciplines.

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Atelier Bow-Wow - Echo Of Space / Space Of Echo (Contemporary Architect's Concept Series 5)

What is the relationship between a specific physical environment, whether architectural, urban or natural, and how the occupants use, experience, develop and maintain a space? And which different rules and decisions shape a space and its particular use? These questions are the driving force behind Atelier Bow-Wow’s delightful and thought-provoking search for the harmonious balance between forms of being (physical space) and forms of doing (how space is occupied). Designed as a scrapbook containing a wide-ranging collection of ideas aimed at starting an exploration, the publication blends observations and comments with sketches and photographs.

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Projektentwicklung in der Immobilienwirtschaft - Grundlagen für die Praxis


Das Lehr- und Fachbuch gibt einen kompakten Überblick der Projektentwicklung in der Immobilienwirtschaft. Es zeigt dem Leser den richtigen Weg zur Prozessorientierung, damit die spätere Projektentwicklung strukturiert und erfolgreich in die Praxis umgesetzt werden kann. Schwerpunkte des Buches sind hierbei die Einflussfaktoren einer nachhaltigen und bedarfsgerechten Projektentwicklung. Neben wichtigen Grundlagen gehen die Autoren praxisbezogen auf Grundstücks- und Immobilienbewertung, Kapitalbeschaffung und Verträge ein.

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Geert Goiris - Peak Oil (Limited Edition With Print)


New series of photographs by Geert Goiris, addressing the topic of our contemporary oil culture. Commissioned by Rubis Mécénat cultural fund, Goiris was given permission to the Rubis Terminal sites in Rouen and other sites in Europe. He tackles the subject from the outside, limiting himself to that particular moment when oil is seemingly without drama. This is not about the technical feat of extracting the oil from the earth, nor about the economic, social and/or geopolitical effects generated by its existence. Rather it is about the in-between stations, the moments when oil is only potentially active. Limited edition with print.

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American Architecture 1945-1970 (A+U 565)


Emerging in the mid-20th century in the United States, mainly in places such as Chicago, New York, and California, modern architecture soon matured and spread around the world, enabled by advances in industrial technology and the mass production of unitised and lightweight building materials. The many projects featured in this special issue are essential for critically discussing the architecture, cities, and urban environment of today and the future. Among them are the Guggenheim Museum (Frank Lloyd Wright), Chase Manhattan Bank (SOM), Salk Institute (Louis Kahn), Smith House (Richard Meier), Glass House (Philip Johnson), and Dulles International Airport (Eero Saarinen).

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Drawing for Architects


The drawing architect – for centuries, this term was just as tautological as the baking baker or the gardening gardener. Nevertheless, in this design manual one has to begin with the fact that the doctrine of signs is by no means a minor field of study for architects. Design methodology, also referred to as methodology of space and the representation of the human body, plays an important role in the current field of activity for architects – once more. While in the post-war period architectural representation developed increasingly into the design plan and no longer served as an architectural consultant, a counter-tendency can be observed in the meantime. Elaborate perspectives and architectural consultants are an essential feature when securing the business of the architect. Yet, as with a lot of specializations, a professional outsourcing also takes place in the fine-grained, diverse architect’s profession. That is to say, the designing architect is not simultaneously the drawing architect. The authors Burelli and Philipp pursue this question in various ways. It is still the case that, in addition to practical instructions for the developer, architectural drawings must have an aesthetic quality which is consistent with the architectural quality. This book is primarily devoted to the history of architectural drawing in order to address the issue of the role it currently plays and which parameters are both indispensable and are of importance for the qualifications required for architects. – in the Foreword

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