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Wim Crouwel - Modernist

von Huygen, Frederike

A new, detailed monograph about Wim Crouwel: graphic designer and exhibition designer who defined the look of post war Holland with his studio Total Design. His modernism was reflected in countless posters and catalogues for the Stedelijk Museum, in stamps and experimental work like a sensational computer alphabet. In the seventies Crouwel evoked a lot of criticism but nowadays he is seen as a cult figure and an inspiration for many.

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58,00 EUR


Alfredo Haberli - Explicity And Implicity Mvsc02

In 2015 The Maarten Van Severen Foundation and the Department of Design of KASK / School of Arts Ghent decided to establish a chair with the aim of conveying the relevance and significance of Maarten Van Severen’s work for today’s designers. Every year a leading designer, whose work has an affinity with the work of Maarten Van Severen, will give a lecture and a masterclass. In 2016, Swiss designer Alfredo Häberli gave two lectures and a three-day masterclass with 10 students from 5 different art schools. After the masterclass, the students kept uploading images of their process on the MVSC blog. The result is a collection of things, presented here as the second MVSC Cahier.

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22,00 EUR

Usha Doshi - Creating With Shapes


Produced by Usha Doshi, a member of COS design studio since 2007, this book explores the possibility of creating garments using seven basic shapes – square, rectangle, triangle, diamond, circle, oval, and octagon. According to Doshi, the conception of the method and techniques happened accidentally, as she observed her granddaughters experimenting with fabric cut-outs. She joined in, and soon discovered that these shapes could be used to form intricate folds, drapes, and pleats, without using excessive fabric or complex darts and seams. With clearly drawn diagrams and beautiful photography, the book is intended to inspire creativity across all disciplines.

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59,90 EUR

Luis Sanchis


Luis Sanchis was born and raised in Spain. He moved to NYC in 1994 where he started his career as a professional photographer. Luis’ analog images always had a feel of the experimental with a deep understanding of colour and lighting techniques. He was rapidly picked up by the iconic British magazine 'THE FACE', where he started working as a regular contributor from 1996 until its closing. Luis uses his camera as a means of self expression and exploration. His first monograph covers a wide spectrum of sectors from fashion to music, sports, celebrities, beauty, landscape and film.

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68,00 EUR

Ruder Typography - Ruder Philosophy

Lars Müller Publisher, 2017

It brings together essays, discussions and appraisals from fellow designers, typographers and artists – yielding a comprehensive survey of Ruder’s accomplishments. It engages with the designer’s many years of work and teaching in Basel, his thirty years as publisher of the famous Typographische Monatsblätter as well as his posters, fonts and philosophy. The extraordinary and comprehensive presentation of the life and works of Swiss typographic legend Emil Ruder sold out shortly after coming off the press. Initially published in 2009 the issue is now available in its original version complemented by commentaries from Michael Renner and Lars Müller. languages: English, Japanese

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50,00 EUR

Dieter Rams: Zehn Thesen für gutes Design

Prestel Verlag, 2017

Der vorliegende Band präsentiert das umfangreiche Werk von Dieter Rams. Basierend auf der Sammlung Jorrit Maan, herausgegeben von Cees W. de Jong, mit Beiträgen von Klaus und Erika Mattie, zeigt dieses Buch die Gestaltungsprinzipien des langjährigen Chefdesigners von Braun und Vitsoe auf, die die Grundlagen für die klaren, puristischen Entwürfe bilden, die unseren Alltag nachhaltig bereichert haben.

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49,95 EUR

Eileen Gray - Intimate Architecture


Eileen Gray was one of the most emblematic figures of the art deco and modernist movements, having developed a new and intimate form of architecture over her 50-year career. Through her projects, and with great independence with regard to her contemporaries and critics, she anticipated the eternal movement of sensitivities, optimising the relation between space and furniture, defying conventions and uses, and advocating a return to emotion. This monograph is published in conjunction with an exhibition at the Centre Pompidou. The book features and illustrates many of Gray’s designs and interiors, with essays by Cloé Pitiot, Renaud Barrés, and Tim Benton.

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19,90 EUR

Abdulkader Arnaout: Designing As Visual Poetry


Abdulkader Arnaout is a graphic designer and a pioneer of graphic design in Syria. He has was one of the first graphic design practitioners, and was renown in his native Syria as a modernist designer and artist. Arnaout is considered one of the first designers to experiment with Arabic type and lettering, and with the development of an Arab graphic language based on Islamic ornamentation and Arabic calligraphy. This book highlights a compilation of Arnaout’s salient design work – his numerous poster designs for theatre, art exhibitions, and cultural events – and presents his outstanding contribution to the development of graphic design and typography in Syria and the Arab region.

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34,00 EUR